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Ghost Face in The GloryHole

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Ghost face

Oh glory glory, welcome to the glory hole. Ever since I first spotted eyes on the all knowing gloryhole I wanted one. I wanted to have one of my own. Stick me behind it and I’m as happy as fat kid with a handful of skiddles. Ok I get it it’s not for everyone. The idea of kneeling behind a curtain while a random stranger sticks his rando Cock thru a 4 inch hole in a curtain, might scare away the average Ho. But not this one. Hot damn do I love it. I mean the fact that they stick the money thru first is always an incentive, to close your eyes and let the glory happen. But I tell you I’m also a dick loving whore that can suck the chrome off a Bentley if I had to, but that’s beside the point.

Anyways so back to the glorious gloryhole. So after a work trip to Calgary I decided it had to be done. I needed one. As in I needed to convince the Boss lady that the hole of glorious dick sucking goodness needed to somehow be added to the Studio roster of possibilities. So when I came back I begged her to please let me do it. Ok it didn’t actually happen like that I said “hey can I set up a GLORYHOLE and pay you a room fee for everyone I or someone else sees, well sucks?” To which she said “yes”! Simple and thus it was a thing.

Now to figure out the legistics. Ok it’s 4 inch fucking hole in the middle of the curtain, hanging from a curtain rod in the shower room. There, logistics done.

After that a little creative marketing… and bam! Lethbridge’s first official GLORYHOLE was open. Oh I know there are others but this one isn’t in the stall of a McDonald bathroom before they did their Reno’s ok.

The first one was a breeze. I mean in and out 5 minutes. Ok I thought, what could possible go wrong in a GLORYHOLE? I mean really what was the worst that could happen. Well… let me tell you the story of ghost face.

So it was like any other gloryhole booking. He called booked, I explained the etiquette part, and gave the directions to come in. I sat behind the curtain waited for the door to ding. Glanced thru the whole at headless horseman-ess person walking thru the door. Then I gave the usual hey how are you, cash thru the hole, and then yourself. Excetera Excetera.

And then we started.

The first few minutes were the usual, suck suck, moan, slobber... you know. I mean it was all going great, that was until he reached up and grabbed the bar the holds the curtain. We really should have oh shit handles. I mean the fact that the towel bar has been replaced on more than one occasion should have served as a friendly reminder. Just saying. And that's when it happened... with one swift yank the entire curtain, aka the gloryhole fell to the ground. Leaving me there kneeling with what was now just an opening over my mouth. I thought about stopping but I knew he was literally 30 seconds from finishing so I continued, in the darkness. Because I'm a fucking professional and let's be honest what the fuck else was I going to do? So...After he finished I tried to hold it together but immediately we both broke out in rolling laughter. The whole ambiguity of the Gloryhole was thrown out the window as he offered to uncloak me of the curtain. So there I was kneeling struggling to stand up while holding the curtain rod. We continued to laugh at the absurdity of the situation as he continued to apologize. As I walked him out one of the girls stood there in the hallway with a complete look of bewilderedness on her face as to what exactly had just ensued in that room. As she explained after from a third persons perspective she had heard “oh my god yes, “… a huge bang and then a myriad of laughter” so ya. After that I definitely made sure that curtain rod was secured to the fucking wall.

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