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Drill Bill

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Let me just start off by saying that the majority of the gentleman that walk through the doors at these studios are just that, they are gentleman. They are kind, caring and above all respectful. Then there are the other ones. The ones that end up in stories like this.

Ok, so it started out like any other day at the studio. This guy walks in asking about services, nothing weird right from the start. He asked about a hundred different questions, we showed him around, and he finally decided to go with me and wants to use the Jacuzzi. So I walked him into the Jacuzzi room, and started running the tub. He then hands me the money, that’s when I realized that there was about two hundred dollars more than there should be. So I say to him "hey there’s too much money here”. He then looks up at me, give me the most cringe worthy smile and says with a creepy voice …“I’d fuck me”.

Great, just great, I’m doing a fucking Jacuzzi massage with Buffalo Bill. “It puts the lotion in the basket, or it gets the hose again”. Fuck the hose.

Yep, it was gonna be one of those days. One of those massages.

So I leave Bill, and I go to heat up my oil. I start giving myself a little pep talk. Yes he’s weird, but you got this. So I take a deep breath, enter the Jacuzzi room, completely expecting him to be putting on lipstick or something.

To my surprise, he was actually laying down on the bed. So I think to myself, ok, it’s not so bad. And I start the massage. I ask the usual “are you from here” “what do you do for fun” type questions. No response. Not even a nod. OK, so he’s the quiet type, right?. Nope. It’s then that I hear him mumble something. ” Excuse me” I say, then again he mumbles something. I still don’t catch it. So I just change the subject and ask him if he wants to massage me or get in the Jacuzzi. So he says, massage me. And as he’s getting off the table, and I’m getting on it, he says it again, only this time I catch what he says. He says, “someone’s going to get fucked”. And then he says it again.… and again.

So I spend the next 20 minutes in what I can only describe as the longest 20 minutes of my life. Listening to this guy not once, not twice, not even three or four times say this but multiple times over and over again “someone’s going to get fucked”. All while having to peel him off of me. Ahhhh…

Now, normally I would’ve just walked out of the room or just laughed it off. I can usually handle this kind of stuff in a cute, sexy, or even seductive way. Not this time. This time I snapped. Buffalo Bill made me snap. Oh, I didn’t hit him if that’s what you're thinking. No, no I didn’t hit him.

Here's how it played out. I asked him if I could be excused for a minute. To which I walked out of the room and over to my locker, opened it and started pulling everything out onto the floor. Now at this point one of the other girls had heard the commotion in the back and had walked over, completely perplexed as to what the fuck I was doing. I was just standing there muttering “someones getting fucked”… And then, I found it, the holy fucking grail. Literally and figuratively. It was then I pulled out my pink florescent strap on. There I was, standing naked in the hallway, sliding into a strap on. Go ahead, picture that. I told you I was having a bad day. I then turned my naked ass around walked back towards the Jacuzzi room, opened the door, stood there looked right at him and and shouted “someone’s going to get fucked”.

Now the look on Bill’s face can only be described as that of pure terror. One can say, he was definitely not the subservient type. In fact, the image of a 6-foot tall woman with a giant 8-inch strap on standing in the door frame was enough to make this man retreat so far up the table that his ass was almost clinched to the wall. It was as if his ass was subconsciously denying my verbal proposal. At this point, both girls we’re standing in the hallway looking as this Drill Bill Scenario played out. Laughing uncontrollably. Ya, Tasha's gone lost her fucking mind.

With his butt cheeks firmly clenched, He did however manage to get a small “no, that’s not what I meant” out. To which I replied “OK so can we stop this someone’s getting fuck shit because if someone's getting fucked it’s not me”. He nodded, I then stepped out of my strap on and threw it in front of my locker. Then close the door behind me. We finished the massage without another word. Not even one!

Now, things don’t always play out this way. But respect is key.

And I can tell you since then, that good ol' Buffalo Bill has remained a client (ok he doesn’t see me anymore) but I’ve never heard a girl complain about him being disrespectful to this day.

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